Concept & practical application of "luxury"

A couple weeks ago I completed my first interview and it just happened to be live on the radio. Eek! I was nervous, but it turned out to be fun! The radio show was about luxury living and I was told to prepare to discuss that topic.  In preparing for the interview, I realized that the idea of luxury is not something I ever think about. I realized that the projects I work on, luxury is a foregone conclusion. Though as I said on the program, not everyone wants to spend a lot on everything and the concept of luxury is very much about personal preference. And in my opinion, the ultimate luxury is complete freedom. While that might sound like an unlimited budget to some, it means not worrying about maximizing square footage for resale value, it means using materials that are to the client's taste and not based on current trends, it's about letting go of outside pressures and really designing something beautiful and tailored to living really well. 

I realize though that I'm sometimes more theoretical than people are looking for and started to think about what are real, tangible, luxury items that elevate a design. Below are 5 items that I came up with.

  1. Continuity of exterior materials (house, landscape, hardscape, mailbox, everything)
  2. Well designed, thoughtful lighting inside & out.
  3. Glazing. Dramatic & well located doors & windows which reinforces architectural concept.
  4. Natural stone & detailed fabrication. 
  5. Visual simplicity in the Kitchen.